Serial Killer Shoot -Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes

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Credits: (and a special thanks to everyone who helped me, you guys are amazing and I appreciate you so much!)

Costume, Makeup, Styling & Photography: Denicke Cronjé

Photography: Silas Miami, Khanya Ngumbela, Seth Ryan and Denicke Cronjé

Production Design: Denicke Cronjé & Tanja Cronjé

Models: Tiaan Steyn, Laura-Lee Mostert, Khanya Ngumbela & Silas Miami



Serial Killer Shoot -“The Detective” & “Stage Manager”

“The Detective”


Name: Lucy Mbanga

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Occupation: Detective

Detective5Detective1"The Detective"

“The Stage Manager”


Name: Joseph Leroy

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Stage Manager




Cinematography and Editing: Liese Kuhn

Costume, Makeup, Styling and Photography: Denicke Cronjé

Production Design: Denicke Cronjé & Tanja Cronjé

Models: Khanya Ngumbela and Silas Miami

Photography: Silas Miami, Khanya Ngumbela & Denicke Cronjé

Serial Killer Project -“The Victim”

“The Victim”

Victim Profile

Name: Bianca le Blanc

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Actress


Crime Scene

Our victim’s body was found on the set of the production she was working, early the morning after opening night. She had been deceased for about 6 to 7 hours.

The victim’s cause of death had been the consumption of a toxic substance, the body had then been dismembered and the arms and legs stitched back on using a special heavy-duty sewing thread used in costume making.


Bruises indicate that there was a struggle before the victim’s death, the victim died before she was dismembered.

Victim was found on stage in a costume unrelated to the previous nights show. Costume appears to have been made by hand, stitching technique on costume matches the stitching on her body.



Bianca le Blanc is the stage name of 21 year-old actress Bianca van Heerden. She had been working on the Broadway production for the last 6 months, her first role as a leading actress on a big-time Broadway show.

"The Victim"

She had reported to the police 2 weeks prior to her murder that she was being followed and watched, as there was no evidence no police action was taken.

The serial killer is specifically attracted to prolific women in the entertainment industry. Only targeting female actors between the ages of 20 and 35.Victim5




Costume, Makeup, Styling and Photography: Denicke Cronjé

Photography: Seth Ryan & Denicke Cronjé

Model: Laura-Lee Mostert

Cinematography and Editing: Liese Kuhn

Serial Killer Project -“The Killer”

“The Backstage Butcher”

Serial Killer Profile

Name: Joshua Moore

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Height: 1,80m


Joshua Moore only kills prolific women in the entertainment industry. He murders them in their dressings rooms (backstage) after opening night. He dismembers his victim’s arms and legs and then sews them back together. He then dresses the victims in a costume from a different production. His act of dismembering and mutilating his victims have earned him the name “The Backstage Butcher”.


Intelligence, Geographical and DNA Profiling

It is clear that the killer carefully planned these murders, because of the timing and preparation. Therefore it can be seen as an organized crime (murder).

The killer has done extensive research into his victim’s backgrounds and daily routines. This is evident as he has photo’s that are taken of the victims without their knowledge, sketches of the costumes they would be wearing in their productions. He dismembers and mutilates their bodies, he needs to have basic knowledge of physiology to be able to reassemble a human body, and therefore his books and articles on physiology can act as evidence. He poisons his victims with chemicals used in his high school chemistry class.

"The Killer"

“The Killer”

He chooses his victims based on their physical appearance; all the victims resemble his mother, and which theatre productions they play in. The killer leaves his victims so that they are still recognizable and he does not leave any trance of DNA (His OCD tendencies).



Killer suffers from deeply rooted psychological problems, which can be traced to his childhood. Joshua Moore, had been put up for adoption at birth. His biological mother is not listed on his birth certificate, after research it was discovered his biological mother is famous actress Jessica van der Leek.

"The Killer"

“The Killer”

Miss van der Leek had fallen pregnant at the start of her prolific career at the age of 20. The pregnancy had been kept a secret and the child put up for adoption shortly after his birth.

Three different families had adopted Joshua Moore he had been sexually abused as a child by two of the family members. This left a deep psychological scar; he went in and out of therapy and had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety in his teen years.

"The Killer"

“The Killer”

He researched his mother’s identity and whereabouts but he had been denied and once again abandoned. His mother had chosen her career in the entertainment industry over her own child.

The reason for his murderous motivation could possibly be to gain his mothers attention. The motive to satisfy a need for power and control which he had never had as a child.

He murders actresses who play characters in theatre productions, which his mother had played previously in her career, each murder hinting at the next. The deceased victims are dressed in the costume of the next victim’s character.


Costume, Makeup, Styling, Photography & Production Design: Denicke Cronjé

Model: Tiaan Steyn

Photography: Silas Miami, Khanya Ngumbela & Denicke Cronjé

Cinematography & Editing: Liese Kuhn